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English for Medicine or Nursing

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Doctors, nurses, students

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Who is the English for Medicine or Nursing course for?

English for Medicine
Learning Outcomes

English for Nursing
Learning Outcomes

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Our Online English courses for Medicine or Nursing are specifically designed for doctors, medical students and nurses to improve the communication skills enabling them to work more confidently and effectively with patients and their families as well as with other medical professionals.

The course aims to develop speaking and listening skills primarily, but with a focus on reading skills, in particular the use of reference materials and medical journal articles. You will also practice writing referral letters and completing a wide range of medical documents. As a medical professional you will bring your specialist knowledge and Find Education will provide the teaching expertise to help you communicate accurately and efficiently.

With an emphasis on listening and speaking, the course covers core areas of nursing such as patient admission, taking medical specimens, patient handover, post-operation assessment and discharge planning. Authentic tasks and activities based on everyday nursing scenarios - from dealing with patients in pain to discussing lifestyle changes - make the course relevant and motivating.

  • Course length: 1—4 weeks

  • Recommended hours: 20 hrs minimum

  • Group size: 2, 4, 6 or 8 students

  • Delivery: Online (via Zoom & Blackboard)

  • CEFR English level: Intermediate+ (B1)

  • Timetable: flexible based on availability

  • Course materials: students to purchase

Kerry Dorling has been a professional EFL educator for over 18 years in the UK and internationally, having previously worked as a teacher, teacher trainer, Principal & Director of Studies. He holds a DELTA and DELTM and has helped hundreds of students achieve their goals.

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