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Find Education

Mission & History

Find Education is an organisation that has the student in mind. We offer student accommodation through our brand Find Digs and English Language Summer Camps, Mini Stays and School Integration Courses, designed to provide a range of educational services to international students.

We started out with helping students find accommodation in London and we opened our first English language summer centre in 2013 in London Tooting. Since then we have expanded our Junior English Summer Camp Programme to include 4 locations in the UK and Greece, which have now been attended by thousands of students from different corners the world. 

Our Greece centre in Athens was introduced in 2022 and aims to provide an alternative for students wishing to combine quality English lessons with a holiday experience in one of the most popular summer destinations. 

Find Education's vision is to provide quality courses for international students, in a positive, inclusive and learner-centred environment, where students feel welcome and can improve their English language skills while learning about UK life and culture. We also do our best to offer a range of services that help our students enjoy their stay in the UK and Greece to the fullest.


Find Education (formerly Angle Education) are accredited by the British Council for the teaching of English language in the UK and is a member of English UK.

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