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Holiday Clubs

About our clubs

We would like to invite your child to take part in our Holiday Clubs throughout the year, where they'll get to make friends, explore new activities and acquire skills in a safe setting that extends beyond the school term.

Find Education offers quality child-care and activities during the school holidays and half-terms. We are dedicated to providing the very best and engaging activities for your child. At our clubs you can expect to see a range of activities including: sports, arts & crafts, dancing and cultural opportunities.

Our clubs help build a great sense of teamwork as the children try all sorts of unique games and creative skills, including golf, archery, gymnastics and performance arts. These will immerse and challenge them both physically and mentally, and enable them to take pride in their new developing skills.

Our staff are fully trained and equipped to handle all your child's needs. We are a welcoming and inclusive environment, regardless of prior skill level or disability. We want to encourage all young people to take part and be involved in our programme, as we're certain each of them will walk away with exciting new experiences and skill sets.

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School Holidays

Group activities

Familiar school setting

Group participation

All Together Now

At our Holiday Clubs, we believe the friendships made between the children are just as significant as the activities they take part in. We ensure that all participants get involved collectively, so that they may get to know one another and make friends throughout their time with us.

Learning to get on as a Team

Many of the activities we run are specifically designed to involve group work, whether that's learning and performing dance routines together, taking part in relay track events, or larger scale arts and crafts projects. Everyone gets a chance to shine and bring their best to these group activities.

Our Activities

We offer a wide variety of different sports, art and performance activities as part of our clubs to create a balanced curriculum. Please speak with our team about which activities we offer at different clubs.

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Arts & Crafts

Club details

A typical activity day

  1. Arrive for registration, followed by interactive warm-up games and stretches. We encourage the children to come up with their own warm-ups.

  2. First activity is usually a featured sport: golf, basketball, tag rugby, all adjusted to match age and skill set.

  3. Juice and snack break, including fresh fruit and orange/apple juice. We let the kids relax and get to know one another better, usually with a group discussion.

  4. Back to games, usually the children favourites; the Penguin game, Sheep Round-up, Splat and more!

  5. Lunchtime, hot food is delivered daily, with vegan/vegetarian options and any dietary requirements taken into account (please inform us beforehand).

  6. After lunch is arts and crafts and performance. Here children can paint their own T-shirts or mugs, devise a dance or short piece of theatre and perform it for us.

  7. Home time! Roll call and warm-down for the day, before the kids are picked up by parents or guardians.

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