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Teacher Training

If you want to improve your knowledge of teaching English or teaching in English then our teacher training courses are for you.

We offer a range of teacher training courses for English teachers or those who teach another subject in English. Upon completing one of our teacher training courses you will feel more confident in your teaching ability and armed with additional knowledge on theory, activities and course design, while, at the same time, you will have the opportunity to develop your own English language ability further.

Professional Development Courses

Together with our partners, we offer a range of bespoke  Professional Development courses, designed to fit the needs and particular interests of groups of professionals from varied backgrounds. Our courses and workshops provide practitioners of all fields the opportunity to enhance their efficiency and employability, as well as practise their English and enjoy their visit to the UK.


Courses for English Teachers

Teacher Methodology Course

The Teacher Methodology Course provides participants with a range of practical activities used in the modern communicative language classroom, a valuable guide on how to define clear teaching objectives that can become meaningful learning outcomes, plus an opportunity to refresh and develop their own language proficiency. The combined experience of the participants is an important part of the course with all participants being encouraged to reflect on and share their problems and ideas, in order to develop an understanding of the present and the future of English Language Teaching.

Speaking & Listening

The Speaking & Listening course provides teaching practitioners with a range of practical activities used to teach speaking or listening skills in the language classroom, for immediate use in their own teaching context. It also offers an insight into different pedagogical approaches and an opportunity for participants to refresh & develop their own language proficiency.

Courses for subject teachers that deliver their lessons in English

The 'English Classroom'

The course is designed to improve the knowledge of essential classroom language and functional usage techniques, especially for those intending to teach in English in the future. The course will also provide participants with a better understanding of classroom management approaches & a range of activities that can be used in any classroom.

Using Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) Effectively

This course offers an introduction to the principles of CLIL as well as a more practical approach on how to integrate content and language, so as to maximise learner benefits in the classroom. The course will also provide participants with a better understanding of effective techniques and a range of activities for achieving learner engagement with teenagers

Students and Teacher in Classroom
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